Funble | November '23

Hello, 👋🏼

November was undoubtedly the busiest month for Funble. We experienced tremendous developments and intense stresses. Decisions were made, strategies altered. We underwent training, gave presentations. Could we call it a month that felt like a year? Absolutely, we could.

What Happened? - Welcome to November 2023. 🚀

  • This month, we rolled out an exciting update for our users. Besides enhancing their experience, we listened to users who utilize Funble for tracking their reading during the day and introduced the "screen limit" feature. 👀

  • In November, hundreds of parents on talked about Funble. 🍼 We extend our heartfelt thanks to the e-bebek family for embarking on a long-term partnership with us. 👏🏼👏🏼 Expect to hear monthly updates about new collaborations with e-bebek. 💚 Stay tuned.

  • Did you see our feature on Webrazzi? 👁️ We are immensely grateful to Gözde Ulukan for giving us this opportunity and for her fantastic narrative. Link:

  • Hande spent a weekend at the Insider's office. 👩🏼 💻 She received invaluable training and shared the insights with us. What touched our hearts the most was seeing the Insider team share their entire process, the good and the bad, with entrepreneurs through concrete examples. There truly is a correlation between success, hard work, and sharing.

  • Hande also completed the Entrepreneurship Training organized in collaboration with Arya and Arçelik and gave a stellar presentation at the Garage Innovation Hub. Funble is now a part of both the Arya and Arçelik communities. It was, and still is, wonderful to be among amazing women entrepreneurs, sharing and learning together. Everything is just beginning. 🤗

  • In November, we also executed our first corporate collaboration. 🎊 We offered Funble at a discounted rate to Garanti Bank employees as part of an internal campaign.

  • Under the guidance of OP Digital, we made our ASO adjustments and began reaping the benefits immediately. We're already seeing significant increases in our global user numbers. This fantastic collaboration promises many more successes in the coming months. 🎯

  • As we've said, it's about the highs and the lows. We learned a lot from this month's trainings and consultations. We realized we rushed some decisions, created unnecessary stress for ourselves, made major mistakes in ASO (Thanks again, Deniz Gür 🙂), and that we need to envision a bigger picture in our strategy. This journey is all about learning from mistakes and getting better as we go. 🙏🏻

📣 In December, you can expect to hear more about partnerships, news, and developments from us. We're buckled up, seats upright, sun visors open: ready for takeoff. 🧿🪬

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