Funble | December '23

Hello, 👋🏼

December was the month to bid farewell to 2023. It was a beautiful goodbye, and we are ready to welcome 2024 filled with new beginnings and new hopes.

Welcome to "What Happened? - December 2023" 🚀

  • This month, we launched two significant updates in our app. It might seem like not much has changed on the front end, but get ready for Funble 2.0... It's loading! 🏄🏻

  • We didn't stop in December in collaboration with ebebek. We left a little surprise for the readers of Bebek magazine in our ad. 🎁 You can access the magazine from stores or online.

  • 📣 This month, we took the first step in a wonderful collaboration with @tirtilkids, inspiring every child in Turkey since 2006 with carefully curated books, toys, and much more. 📣 Tırtıl Kids e-newsletter subscribers just got the Premium Funble free for one month! Additionally, we left colorful Funble gift cards at Kanyon, Uniq, and Erenköy stores. 🛍️ Don't forget to ask for Funble's surprise gift cards after shopping and be ready to see more of Tırtıl Kids x Funble. 💚

  • Will we be sharing news from Hande every month now? Funble became one of the eight prominent startups in Insider's "Kadının Adı Var" training program and earned the opportunity for long-term one-on-one mentorship. 👏🏼 We can say it's the start of a long journey that already brought new perspectives and excitement from the first meeting.

  • One of our Q1 goals for 2024 is to start our B2B sales. We have begun discussions with kindergartens. Honestly, we can't wait to announce the first name. 🐣

  • December passed with intense preparation. If you're wondering what this preparation is for, we are embarking on a fundraising round starting January. As always, we will share the process here with complete transparency. Because this is more than just a newsletter. 🫶🏼

The world has revolved once since we first discussed the Funble idea among ourselves. Sounds like a joke but in only one year we launched an amazing product, collaborated with amazing people and brands, attended seminars, workshops, created stories, organised user-feedback meetings... It was a year that felt like a decade. Here's to many more, together, filled with joy. 🙏🏻

Goodbye to 2023 with an evil eye charm, and hello to 2024 with open arms 🐞🧿

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